Pedestrian Safety

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) recognizes the need for improving pedestrian safety and enhancing the City’s pedestrian environment. Pedestrian safety is a high priority activity for the City. We have recently added two Pedestrian Coordinator positions to oversee the pedestrian safety program and create a comprehensive Pedestrian Master Plan for the city.

Teams of engineers in the Department of Transportation conduct studies to improve pedestrian safety. They evaluate the safety of City crosswalks and children’s walking routes to Los Angeles schools. Adult crossing guards are assigned at elementary school crossings. Loading zones adjacent to schools are reviewed and in some cases, special valley drop-off zones can be arranged in coordination with the school.

LADOT also works with the City's Pedestrian Advisory Committee to develop policies and projects to improve pedestrian safety zones can be arranged in coordination with the school.

The Department’s transportation improvements and “Watch the Road” safety programs help to remind drivers and pedestrians to stay aware when on the road.