Coronavirus Updates

L.A. Al Fresco -- Outdoor Dining

L.A. Al Fresco

LADOT is supporting LA Al Fresco to provide L.A. restaurants and bars impacted by COVID-19. Outdoor dining allows serving customers while safely practicing physical distancing.

Through the L.A. Al Fresco program, eligible restaurants and bars can apply to expand dining areas into the street, sidewalk, and private lots adjacent to the applicant's establishment. The City may provide planters, barricades, and umbrellas for outdoor dining businesses to use in newly permitted spaces.


In order to support businesses most in need, 55% of all the resources and applications approved for the program will be earmarked for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) businesses or businesses located in areas that have suffered the greatest job loss due to COVID-19.


More details of the program and application for L.A. Al Fresco is available at


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