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LADOT Resumes Normal Traffic Signal Patterns

Traffic Signal Patterns

Signals in Los Angeles will return to “Night Mode” each day at 7pm

Los Angeles, CA (June 14, 2021)


The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) will revert all traffic signals in Los Angeles to pre-pandemic timing patterns, consistent with the lifting of other state and local restrictions on June 15.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles experienced an unprecedented decline in the number of cars on the road as well as a dramatic increase in unsafe driving behavior including speeding which put neighborhoods at risk. To prevent dangerous speeding, in April 2020 LADOT shifted traffic signal patterns to “Night Mode” which reduces speeding by interrupting successive green lights along major corridors. In recent weeks, traffic volumes have rebounded averaging approximately 90-95% of pre-pandemic levels. The new signal prioritization patterns will reduce congestion while promoting safe driving during hours when streets have fewer cars.

While normal signal patterns will return during daylight hours, signals will switch to “Night Mode” from 7 pm to 6 am the following morning. Prior to the pandemic, “Night Mode” would go into effect at 9 pm.

As an additional safety measure, automatic pedestrian recall will remain in place at crosswalks with high pedestrian activity. During the pandemic, LADOT converted almost 900 intersections to automatic recall to eliminate the need for people walking to touch a high contact surface in order to cross the street.

LADOT also continues to prioritize safety on our streets through transformative street projects completed last year on Avalon Blvd and those currently under construction on Reseda Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley, Broadway in South LA, and other parts of the city. A full list of safety projects can be found on

LADOT leads transportation planning, project delivery, and operations in the City of Los Angeles. We work together and collaborate to deliver a safe, livable, and well-run transportation system in the city and region. Our vision is for all people in Los Angeles to have access to safe and affordable transportation choices that treat everyone with dignity and support vibrant, inclusive communities.