LADOT Highlights Latino Leaders for Latino Heritage Month: Jose Hernandez

Latino Leader Jose Hernandez

As we conclude Latino Heritage Month, we are proud to celebrate staff like Jose Hernandez, a Senior Transportation Engineer who lends a helping hand in building a city of the future with new innovations that effectively manage demand on the streets of Los Angeles. 

Jose currently works for our Parking Meters Division. He is responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of 34,000 meters citywide, and the management and expansion of the LA Express Park program to optimize the on-street parking experience for citizens and visitors of Los Angeles by providing demand-based parking pricing, which effectively reduces traffic congestion and the time parkers spend looking for parking. His staff prioritizes and takes pride in providing the best parking meter experience for the public through services and timely maintenance of all parking meters citywide.

Jose’s parents migrated separately from Mexico to the U.S. and met in Los Angeles in 1959, and married a few years later. He was born in Los Angeles along with his four siblings and grew up in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood. He graduated from UCLA in 1989 and started with the Department almost 31 years ago. 

Jose shares that he has lived in L.A. his entire life and that growing up in Los Angeles has been an incredible and unique experience. He is proud of his Mexican heritage and is grateful for the history, culture, and customs that are part of it. Jose believes that outside of Mexico, Los Angeles is the most amazing place to grow up within the Mexican culture as the food is amazing, the music is uplifting, and the people and communities are inspiring. Los Angeles is a thriving melting pot of many Latino cultures that blend very well especially when cheering together for the Dodgers and Lakers!