LADOT Highlights Latino Leaders for Latino Heritage Month: Karina Macias

Karina Macias Latino Leader for Latino Heritage Month

Los Angeles is a great city that welcomes people of all backgrounds. Latino Heritage Month celebrates the history and culture of Angelenos who inspire us to continue creating a transportation system that gives people equitable access to transit choices. We are proud to have a diverse community at LADOT that celebrates the different contributions of many Latino American staff toward achieving the department’s motto and goal of Moving Los Angeles Forward. 

Karina Macias is a Transportation Planner with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Karina is a proud Latina whose hard work and determination helps further the department’s goal of creating livable and sustainable transportation options. Karina conducts advanced planning that involves analyzing various data and observing feedback on how people interact with our transportation system in order to make the case for transportation investments that can improve people's experiences getting around on our streets and their access to mobility offerings.

Karina is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who migrated to Los Angeles from the Mexican state of Puebla in search of economic opportunity to support their families back home. Karina says she is proud of  her heritage because “despite the trials and barriers our people have survived and continue to face, we offer such a warm and rich culture that makes this city and the world better. Also, our delicious and diverse cuisine is amazing -- from cemitas poblanas to pupusas to arroz con gandules, you name it -- our food is tough to beat!” 

As a first-born child who was raised in the neighborhoods of South-Central LA and Boyle Heights, Karina is proud to work on improving mobility and physical connections in her hometown, which can be challenging but also very rewarding work in a city as diverse, populous, and expansive as Los Angeles. Her parents love that she found a career that is fulfilling and which allows her to excellently represent the needs and qualities of people who grew up in a similar manner to herself.