Weekly Update: Feb 4, 2021

Weekly Blog Feb 4 2021

Presenting LADOT's New Strategic Plan

LADOT is pleased to announce the release of the LADOT Strategic Plan Update 2021 - 2023, a comprehensive document that will guide and shape our department’s work over the next several years.

Since the launch of its 2018 Strategic Plan, LADOT accomplished 82 percent of the goals and actions by the end of 2020. For most of 2020, we focused on pandemic-related response programs that provided a critical lifeline to Angelenos. While this constrained our priorities outlined in the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, we are proud of our measurable, meaningful impact on advancing our priorities.

Among the most notable accomplishments of the last three years, we completed more than 100 miles of bicycle lane improvements, installed 4,000 Vision Zero improvements in the places that need it most, increased programs to support LADOT staff more than ever before, and invested in the largest purchase of zero-emission electric buses in United States’ history.

LADOT’s new Strategic Plan emphasizes equity as a core tenet to shape the department’s work toward a more fair and just transportation system in the years to come. LADOT will also continue to invest in our people, design safe streets, expand the city’s zero-emission transportation network, and provide economic opportunities in the places that need investments most.

For more detailed information about LADOT’s strategic goals and guiding principles, please see the LADOT Strategic Plan Update 2021 - 2023


Celebrating African American Heritage Month

Celebrating African American Heritage Month

February marks the celebration of African American Heritage Month in Los Angeles. As one of the largest and most diverse cities in the nation, Los Angeles has greatly benefited from the presence and culture of African Americans who have called this city home since its origin. In the coming weeks, LADOT will celebrate and commemorate the remarkable contributions and impact that African American Angelenos have made on our city. To do so, we will focus on a few historic corridors that have borne witness to the struggle and triumph of African American life in Los Angeles and are being redesigned to support a more thriving and equitable tomorrow.

For more information on Los Angeles' historic African American corridors, click here.


The Mid City Neighborhood Greenways Project


Mid City Neighborhood Greenways Project LADOT is working with community partners to create two intersecting neighborhood greenways through the neighborhoods of Beverly Grove, Fairfax, and Hollywood. This series of improvements, titled the Mid City Neighborhood Greenways Project, will introduce traffic calming measures and crossing treatments to create a safe shared space for people who walk, bike, and drive.


This Week in Photos:

LADOT field crews worked into the night to install new striping on Broadway this past week as part of the department's larger efforts toward improving this popular city corridor. (Click here to learn more about the Broadway Safety Project.)

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LADOT by the Numbers:

LADOT by the Numbers 1LADOT by the Numbers 2LADOT by the Numbers 3

A 1.3 mile long public art project, Destination Crenshaw broke ground one year ago to create community gathering spaces with a central hub that will celebrate Black activism, arts, and education.


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