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If you believe a taxicab company or driver has acted inappropriately, please contact us so that we can investigate.
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Taxicab Drivers
For taxicab driver permitting issues, please click here.

Signal Control

The City and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation receive traffic signal requests each year, often made in response to a tragic accident. Traffic signals cannot prevent fatal accidents or eliminate accidents caused by distracted drivers and pedestrians.

Traffic signals often do improve the safety of an intersection. They can reduce the number of right angle or pedestrian accidents.

Before LADOT can install a traffic signal at an intersection, it must apply standards to identify locations that need signal control, including:

Safety Education

Traffic safety is dependent on the three E's : engineering, enforcement and education. Education methods to prevent accidents are often overlooked in favor of engineering and enforcement measures.

There will never be enough resources to install a traffic signal at every intersection or deploy all of the police officers to ensure collision-free intersections. But users of the City’s streets can be educated on how to avoid unsafe behaviors.

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is an important concern on the more than 6,499 miles of streets within the City of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation targets safety traffic in order to achieve its goal of enhancing the quality of life in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and other agencies partner with LADOT to promote traffic safety and raise safety awareness in the City.


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