Green New
Deal for LA

Green New Deal for LA
LADOT is changing the face of transportation for all of LA

In Los Angeles, transportation accounts for 19% of our greenhouse gas emissions and is a top contributor to air pollution. We can do better. Through the Green New Deal, we’re investing in public transit, testing new technology, and adopting mobility innovations for a cleaner environment and brighter future. Our future is one where all people can walk, scoot, bike, rideshare, and take public transit with ease. Our future is a city whose transportation system is as dynamic as its people.

Our vision includes:

  • Increasing the percentage of all trips made by walking, biking, and micro-mobility to be at least 35% by 2025 and 50% by 2035
  • Reducing vehicle miles traveled per capita by at least 13% by 2025 and 45% by 2050
  • Ensuring LA is prepared for autonomous vehicles by the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Electrifying 100% of our bus fleet

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