Transformation Through Transportation

Transformation Through Transportation

A Virtual Telethon Fundraiser
A project by Renée Reizman, Creative Catalyst

Endorsed by The Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Department of Cultural Affairs


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Call the Safer LA Travel Story Hotline to Share a Story About Your New Commute!


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The Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Department of Cultural Affairs presents a virtual, 24-hour, live-streamed telethon. Artists, city planners, librarians, musicians, poets, and more respond to the theme of "Transformation Through Transportation," and will raise money for the DCA Arts Emergency Relief Fund. This program awards emergency grants to local artists negatively impacted by COVID-19. We believe that even in times of a pandemic, art remains an essential service that uplifts spirits, provides comfort, and sets up a platform for reflection for all communities across Los Angeles.

Despite Safer at Home orders, essential workers still rely on public transportation. Buses, trains, bicycles, and ride shares connect people across LA, from the clerks helping you purchase groceries, to the mail carriers completing your online deliveries, to the drivers handing you your dinner, and the port workers emptying container ships to make all these goods available to us. Finding inspiration from personal experiences, news reports, or statistical data.

In addition, we’ve set up the Safer LA Travel Story Hotline so that anyone across Los Angeles can share their experience during this time. Simply call or text the number 213-441-1558 and share a recent story about your commute.


Call or Text 213-290-4891


Telethon Schedule

Frances Howard Goldwyn - Hollywood Regional Branch Library
The Museum of Neon Art
Placemaking US
Urban Voices Project
Community Meeting
Los Angeles Nightlife Alliance
Tafarai Bayne
Teri Bond
Sam C
Solange Castro
Christina's World
Yubo Dong
Edgar Fabián Frías
The Gooms
Theo Henderson of We the Unhoused Podcast
Antoinette LaFarge
New Media
Candace Nicholas-Lippman
Will Martin
Mostly Kosher
Linda Ravenswood
Yoshie Sakai
Nina Sarnelle
Evan Stalker
Jenn Swann & Daniel Tovar
Holly Tempo in Conversation with Brianna Bakke
Special Thanks
Brianna Bakke
Lauren Ballard
Danielle Brazell
Jack Meighan
Michiko Murakami
Kimberly Ndombe
Lilly O'Brien
Audrey Hernandez Peterson
Seleta Reynolds
Corrie Siegel
Joe Smoke
Simone Wicks