Taxi Cab Commissioners

Please click here for more information regarding Commission meetings, reports, and regulations.  Visit our taxi services website for more information on authorized taxicab providers, taxi rates or to make a complaint.

Commissioner Eric Spiegelman, President
Mr. Spiegelman is the Sole Practitioner at the Spiegelman Media Law and Consulting. Mr. Spiegelman graduated as Class President from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law; J.D.

Commissioner Mampre R. Pomakian, Vice President
Mr. Pomakian currently serves as an Associate General Counsel with the Office of the General Counsel for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Mr. Pomakian received his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Northridge in 1995 and his Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School.

Commissioner Marilyn Grunwald
Ms. Grunwald is a strong believer in contributing to her civic duty and helping the less fortunate rise up and become part of our collective success story. Examples of Ms. Grunwald's activities include taking a stance on the Stop-the-Recall campaign mounted by the gun lobby, being the San Fernando Valley Co-Chair for Proposition 76 (Stem Cell Research), and being the longest serving members of the Disabled Access Appeal Commission.

Commissioner Andrea D. Martinez 
Ms. Martinez is an executive manager for Diamond Landscaping, Inc. She was a graduate of Michigan State University with a BA in Communication. Ms. Martinez is active in the Los Angeles bicycle and walking communities and a world traveler.

Commissioner Boris Gorbis 
Mr. Gorbis is an attorney in private practice. He has represented over 15,000 clients in 25 years of practice, including Russian language organizations and media outlets. Mr. Gorbis have multiple publications in areas of community relations, law, machine learning and related fields.