Parking Signs

Regulatory parking signs indicate prohibitions or restrictions on parking and violations are enforced by LADOT parking enforcement officers.  Any parking sign without time or day restrictions specified is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Disabled constituents are exempt from certain parking regulations (see below).

Time Limit Parking Signs Installed in areas where there is a need for parking turnover to ensure customer access to retail and commercial buildings.  Time limit areas also may have parking meters.
No Parking Signs Prohibit parking of unattended vehicles during the posted days and times. However, active loading or unloading is allowed.
Street Cleaning Signs This is an example of a no parking sign that only applies to certain times and days.
No Stopping Signs Prohibits any stopping, including commercial and passenger loading.  May only apply to certain times and/or days.  Parked vehicles may be towed in addition to being cited.  Recover a towed vehicle by calling 311 or visiting the official police garage website.
Permit Parking Districts Created by City Council to limit or restrict parking in designated areas unless a vehicle displays the proper permit.  See parking permits for more information.  
      Disabled Parking Signs Reserved for constituents displaying a valid disabled parking placard or license plate issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles

If you are not the recipient a valid disabled parking placard or license plate, or are not driving the recipient, you may not park in a blue curb zone even if you have a valid disabled parking placard or license

Exemptions to Parking Regulations 
Vehicles displaying a valid disabled parking placard or license plate used by the recipient of the placard/plate or their driver are exempt from the following parking restrictions (California Vehicle Code Section 22511.5):

  • Preferential Parking Districts
  • Time Limit Parking

Vehicles are NOT exempt from:

  • No stopping zones
  • No parking zones (including street cleaning)

Report missing or defaced sign
Call 311 to report the following:

  • Knocked down or leaning sign & post (especially if in traffic)
  • Post stub
  • Post hole in sidewalk or parkway