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Project Description

In collaboration with the Department of City Planning, LADOT is modernizing its approach to transportation analysis to help achieve the goals of adopted City of Los Angeles plans and policies, which aim to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, prioritize the safety, comfort and access of all street users, and plan for well-connected, healthy communities.

This effort includes updating the City of Los Angeles California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines to comply with and implement State law (Senate Bill 743, Steinberg), which requires lead agencies to remove automobile delay as a criteria for environmental impact significant, and to adopt vehicle miles traveled (VMT) criteria to determine the significance transportation-related impacts on the environment caused by a proposed project. Additionally, LADOT is revising the City’s guidelines for evaluating project-level transportation issues outside of CEQA requirements to make sure proposed development projects, transportation projects and transportation plans are consistent with City and community mobility objectives.

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VMT Calculator
Transportation Assessment Guidelines
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Transportation Thresholds

Project Documents

Reports and Resources

Update on City Adoption of New Transportation Evaluation Metrics in Compliance with SB 743, Department of City Planning and Transportation Staff Report to City Council, June 8, 2017

Staff Contacts

David Somers, Transportation Planning & Policy Section
Department of Transportation

Rubina Ghazarian, Citywide Mobility Policy Section
Department of City Planning