Safety Education

Traffic safety is dependent on the three E's : engineering, enforcement and education. Education methods to prevent accidents are often overlooked in favor of engineering and enforcement measures.

There will never be enough resources to install a traffic signal at every intersection or deploy all of the police officers to ensure collision-free intersections. But users of the City’s streets can be educated on how to avoid unsafe behaviors.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is leading a regional traffic safety education and awareness campaign, known as Watch the Road.  The campaign targets dangerous behaviors that cause thousands of needless collisions each year. High-impact safety messages are directed towards bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists through various past and electronic media resources.

For more on Watch The Road, visit their official site.

The Watch the Road program partners LADOT with Caltrans, the Southern California Association of Governments, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Automobile Club of Southern California, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works and the California Highway Patrol.