Medical Transportation & Vehicle-For-Hire

Report a Medical Transportation or Vehicle-For-Hire Provider 
If you believe a medical transportation or vehicle-for-hire provider or driver has acted inappropriately, please contact us so that we can investigate.

DOT Complaint, Suggestion, and Commendation Response Form

Medical Transportation & Vehicle-For-Hire Provider 

Prior to obtaining a driver or attendant (non-taxi) permit, you must be hired by a company authorized to operate in the City of Los Angeles.

Obtain a two-sided DRIVER/ATTENDANT PERMIT APPLICATION from your company that you must complete and have approved and signed by an authorized company representative. which has been signed by an authorized company representative. Click here to download a fillable PDF version of the Driver/Attendant Permit Application — the application must be two-sided and remember to get an authorized company representative's original signature on the back!


Your company must email LADOT ( to request an appointment. The email must include: Company name, applicant;s first and last name, driver's license number, and availability (days and mornings/afternoon). Also include if the applicant is NEW/EXPIRED/REPLACEMENT/RENEWAL.


Go to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and obtain a complete driving history report (K4) issued within the last 30 days. Report must state "End" on last page.


Appear before LADOT on the appointment date and time and present the following:

1. Completed DRIVER / ATTENDANT PERMIT APPLICATION form with company representative's original, wet signature. 

2. Complete, original K4 (DMV driving report) issued within the last 30 days – must state "End" on last page of report. On-line printout is acceptable.

3. California Driver's License

4. Right to Work: U.S. Passport, U.S. Birth Certificate, U.S. Naturalization Certificate, Social Security Card, Employment Authorization Card, Permanent Resident Card

Ambulance Driver/Attendant
Litter Van Driver/Attendant            

  • CA EMT-1 or Higher
  • Co. Training Letter
  • DL-51 Medical Exam
  • Ambulance Dr. Cert.

Non-Ambulatory Driver/Attendant

  • CPR
  • First Aid

Motor Bus Driver

  • DL-51 Medical Exam
  • Class "B" CDL

PTV Driver

  • No additional documentation

Payment: Accepted forms of payment are Visa/Master Card/Discover, company check, personal check and money orders.

  • New Driver/Attendant = $194.00
  • Renew = $146.00
  • Expired less than 3 yrs = $106.00
  • Expired more than 3 years = $194.00
  • Switching companies/lost permit = $52.00 (lost permits that are not expired must bring in a police lost/stolen report)
  • 2nd permit of different company = $106.00

Medical Transportation & Vehicle-For-Hire Regulations 
LADOT regulates non-emergency transportation companies, vehicle owners, and drivers.  Permission to operate private ambulances and non-ambulatory medical vehicles in the City of Los Angeles is approved by the Board of Transportation Commissioners.

LADOT enforces adopted regulations to ensure that vehicles are safe and that service levels are professional.  This includes confirming that drivers are licensed, vehicles insured,  and performing safety inspections on vehicles.  The Board of Transportation Commissioners sets non-taxi vehicle-for-hire rates by Board Order, subject to City Council approval.

LADOT investigates alleged wrongdoing by drivers and recommends discipline for action by the Board of Transportation Commissioners.  Sustained wrongdoing can result in revocation of the company’s operating permit and/or driver’s permit to operate a vehicle-for-hire in the city.