You can easily pay environmental, developmental, and temporary no parking sign fees online.

Pay Environmental & Construction Fees
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LADOT is pleased to provide online payment options for our customers. Please note, this website does not process your initial request. You must begin the request for service process with the appropriate LADOT office prior to payment. 

We are currently offering online payments for the following fees related to development projects and street usage:

  • Developer Fees - traffic mitigation fees.



  • Traffic Controls Fees - traffic officers, venues, farmers markets, street closures, etc.



  • Temporary Sign Posting Fees - temporary signs only (no traffic control).



  • Traffic Records Fees - reproduction of plans, surveys, and work orders.



  • Valet Parking Operator Fees



  • Taxicab Fees




* The City of Los Angeles will issue a full refund when a sales receipt has been processed and the customer has cancelled the transaction within 10 calendar days of the transaction date.