LADOT Highlights Latino Leaders for Latino Heritage Month

Freddie Nuno Latino Leader for Latino Heritage Month

LADOT is proud to celebrate a wide variety of cultures and contributions that shape our core values in creating a safer and more equitable transportation system for Angelenos. This Latino Heritage Month, we feature Latino leaders like Freddie Nuño, who proudly embraces his roots. 
Born and raised in Boyle Heights, Freddie Nuño is a second generation Chicano. He is currently the Commanding Officer of the Hollywood Area Parking Enforcement Office, which has a staff of over 150 traffic officers who provide parking enforcement and traffic control services to several multicultural communities in a 40 square mile radius in the city. 
Freddie is proud of his community's strong faith and work ethic. As an emblem of his cultural heritage, mariachi music strikes a vivid chord from his youth growing up in Los Angeles which is full of iconic places to eat and visit.